Friday, February 12, 2016

The Antique Meduim

Wednesday night I did my first "official" presentation as an antique appraising medium. I was invited by the Franklin, MA Newcomer's & Friends to be the presenter at their monthly meeting. You have to start somewhere, and they did have "friends" in their organization title so I was really excited.

The good news is that I can only get better and more accurate. The bad news is that I wasn't like
I love her because she is doesn't take herself
too seriously  like me.
Theresa Caputo from Long Island Medium on TV. That show must be edited. I was expecting a great fun show with lots of people coming through with dramatic readings like when I am reading one on one. while I had a few great spirits come through with strong messages. I also had a lot of spirits come through who were recognized as relatives of the audience members, but they had no actual message. Which feels like talking to someone on the phone who you know is on the other end but won't speak to you. Not terribly entertaining for the crowd. I could tell their gender, how they died, what their personality was like, but everyone there was  hoping for is a message. This may be because we live in New England where our deceased relatives were strong, stoic and never actually shared their feelings with their family not to mention telling how they feel in front of a group of strangers.  Or more likely I simply need to develop my skills more.

I did learn a few things like since I was so nervous and focusing on getting good readings which backfired as I have to clear my brain and remove my own ideas, no agenda or opinion about the readings to have good readings. Reminding me humbly that it's not about me. I am just the radio that the signal comes through and like a radio I have to just give the messages and not judge or second guess what comes out. I also have an idea the next time I have a spirit who doesn't want to talk to me. I am going to see if they will talk to one of my spirit guides and have the guides tell me what they are saying.Or if they are shy I will see if they want me to write down the message and give it to their loved ones so the words are private.

One on one readings are easier. I had a reading recently where the client was hugged by her loved ones spirit. Being able to see that happen was so wonderful. We didn't have what I would call wonderful readings at the event, but we have a few dramatic readings. Sadly we had two spirits that committed suicide one was very distraught wanting to connect with his child who was not there. The other spirit who took his own life was actually and earthbound spirit. He told me that his spirit actually lived with the relative who was in the audience. I have learned form my experiences with earthbound spirits that they can transport where ever they want instantaneously as they have no bodies. I invited the spirit to come join us. That was cool he came and talked to us in person and I told him firmly that he was not invited to come home to my house. Then I asked him to go back home and he did. Such a lovely, handsome, charming guy, so sorry that his life had been so hard.

We also had a chatty mother in law, a larger than life great friend with a huge personality, and a generous aunt who left her niece a king's ransom in antique jewelry. Her niece had this early Victorian angel skin coral necklace that blew my mind. Lucky lady, she inherited stuff that gets you on camera during Antique's Roadshow. She had the amazing necklace, antique diamond earrings, rings, and other treasure that made me happy and warm like only antique jewelry can. If you don't have the disease then you don't understand.  You would think that his evening was my personal Nirvana,  I was surrounded by nice people who laughed at my jokes, spirits, and  antique jewelry, what more could I ask for?  Well sadly the night was hard because I learned that to talk to spirits I need to use my non logical mind, let's call it my psychic mind, and to appraise antiques I absolutely need my logical mind, I can't use both of them at the same time. When I was doing my appraisals I was basically feeling really scatterbrained and distracted. Maybe
this is a skill seasoned mediums get better at. I am not sure because it felt like the equivalent of getting high and taking a meth test. Not that I ever did that in school. However if I did that's what my brain felt like. I needed a little time after to ground myself and clear my head and eat a few bags or Cool Ranch Doritos, then I was fine.

All in all the event was a success. I talked to dead people. I conformed that people's relatives were with them and I didn't make an ass out of myself. My career as a medium only gets better from here. My guides did tell me that I am going to be thrilled with how much I improve after I start taking psychic classes in May. However if you can't wait until May I can connect you to your passed loved ones, scan and locate physical and emotional issues and wounds in your body. I can scan your home, business, or body for earthbound spirits and communicate with them to find out what they want and how to make them leave. I can appraise your antiques and my favorite, the jewelry box treasure hunt; where we go through your jewelry, categorize and appraise, I gold and gem test, we do the whole shebang, by the time we're done we are usually drinking wine and BFFs. Also everyone has at least one costume piece that is real, and one earthbound spirit, or a bevy of beloved relative waiting to connect.

I decided to make things simple and simply charge $100.00 an hour, not per person. You can have some friends over open some win and have me contact loved ones, appraise your jewelry, look for ghosts, or just mix it up. Actually if you need appraising I'll need to do that first, then have fun with spirits.  My beloved blog readers save 15%. Or 20% off your first appointment if you comment. I do love comments. I live I Franklin and will drive to you.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

We Know What's In Alice Room!

Good news talked to Dave Farka, Shaman, Exorcist, Professional Ghost Buster, my new crush, and owner of today about our issues in Alice's room. He quickly surveyed our home and told me that there are two Ley Lines crossing in Alice's room making an energy vortex. What does that mean? 

Ley lines /leɪ laɪnz/ are alignments of places of significance in the geography or culture of an area, often
Ley Lines on world
including man-made structures. They are in the older sense, ancient, straight trackways in the  landscape, or in the newer sense, spiritual and mystical alignments of land forms.

I guess this includes churches, cemeteries, and other places of significant condensed spiritual energy. Dave found such lines crossing right through Alice's bedroom making an energy vortex. What the heck is an energy vortex? I will tell you as I just learned today. 

Vortex: "A vortex is a mass of energy that moves in a rotary or whirling motion, causing a depression or vacuum at the center.... These powerful eddies of pure Earth power manifest as spiral-like coagulations of energy that are either electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic qualities of life force."

Please not we have a mini vortex. In theory a vortex is somewhat neutral but as Alice and I are super sensitive to energy we can sense the energy is thicker, heavier, and just strange in her room, which freaks Alice out. I am guessing that we have an "inflow area", described below, as the energy feels like her room. 

"While an experience at an Up-flow Vortex is exhilarating, an inflow area generates a much more pensive feeling. Because the power of the vortex is flowing down rather than up, the energy at an inflow site feels heavier. On a spiritual quest or during introspective exploration, if not prepared, the first things people experience is fear.  As a result inflow areas are often thought of as negative or evil."

So I guess it would be fine to leave the vortex as is, but as Alice and I are so sensitive to energy the Vortex needs to be redirected away from her room? I am not sure what he is going to do. Just fix the energy.

Dave F can reconfigure it and somehow make the energy in Alice's room feel light and happy. Just for clarification, Dave the Shaman will be manipulating the vortex and clearing our energy, not my husband Dave.  If you knew my husband Dave, you would be laughing right now. He is a sweet kind gentle man to put up with such a wacky wife, but he chooses to experience my supernatural fun from a very safe distance away. 

Time Vortex, not sure how misses it?
Dave F, Shaman, Dave who we'll now refer to as Dave F, scanned my house and told me that all I have in the house is the vortex in Alice's bedroom and the two ghost currently in the house. He was scanning from his home in Western Massachusetts. Yeah, he is that good, and funny, I really like him a lot, he is my people. When he started scanning I told him that my feet, then legs, started getting cold and he told me that I was very sensitive to energy. I know that he wanted to tell me that the ghosts where in the living room with me, one almost sitting on my lap, just hovering a little above, but I sensed he didn't want to freak me out. I felt that it was my new ghost Blue, the teenage guy who was in the car accident. He has been hanging around since I wrote his blog. He is a very chivalrous old fashioned kind of guy and he told me that he is here for Alice. He wants her to feel safe, so he protects her, like her own ghost guardian.

I have had Alice sleep in my room and then Dave and I take turns sleeping in her room. The night after I wrote Blue's story. (I named him Blue because his verification sign to let his sister was a bluebird).  I was sleeping in Alice's room and I was freezing. I put my hand down to the heating vent and the heating vent was blowing out hot air, but about 6 inches above that the air was freezing. I am not a genius but I know that heat rises, so this made no sense! The heating vent is at the base of a wall about 6 inches from a the long side of her bed. The cold spot was from the wall to me. Like he was laying next to me. I felt like it was Blue, and I felt protected. I was just cold and I asked him nicely to go home to his earth family's house.

The next morning Alice came into the bed at around 6:30 am, she said that Daddy got up for work and she wanted a cuddle. She fell asleep next to me and stayed there for 2 hours. I went in at 8:30 am and asked if she felt scared. She said that oddly she didn't. She asked what was different. I told her that Blue was sitting up on the side of her bed. I could feel him sitting there on her bed by her nightstand, his arms crossed, his legs on the floor. He was sending her such brotherly love. Like she was his little sister and he would always protect her. Such a sweet and strange moment.

So he is here from a while, our protector guardian ghost. I am not sure how ghost's feel energy, but the moment Dave F. said that he was starting to scan me I felt like Blue rushed to my side to protect me in case the "scan" was dangerous. Someone is with me right now as I am freezing from the shoulder's down. Blue is tall and keeps near, but not on my person. Did I forget to mention that my sister visited today and left right before Dave F and I had our phone meeting. 

I am now wondering if my sister left me a little ghost boy? Dave F confirmed that it's really tricky to pass child ghosts to the light. Dave F, shared a lot of other cool information about what he does. He is pretty cool and a supernatural bad ass! He will let me know when he clears it. Right now I have to chase around a little ghost boy.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Alice's Room...The Saga Continues

I am happy to say that Alice still plays in her room during the day, but I am sad to report that she will not sleep there alone, nor go in her room alone at night. I thought that she was just not used to sleeping alone. We tried having her fall asleep with one of us with her and then we would leave when she feel asleep. She would wake up in the middle of the night or the next morning so terrified and angry that we left her alone.  She was telling me over and over that the room was scary. I asked the pendulum to read the energy of her room. I asked if their was an earthbound spirit in her room and it verified that NO, there was not, also that the earth bound ghost was gone. I assumed that she was just nervous due to the other ghost being there for so long.

Out of the blue I got a message from my teacher Lisa Campion about how she heard that I was clearing ghosts from houses. She told me that it was VERY dangerous and yes, it was fine to clear my ghost out of my house, but going into other people's home is too dangerous until I am trained. She asked me to start watching a show called the Dead Files. She said I would learn a lot, but warned me about no trying out anything until I am trained. She has a psychic class that I am excited to start in May.

I started watching the show and Lisa was right I learned a lot.  The main character is like Lisa she is a psychic named Amy Allan that can see dead people. Her partner is a skeptical retired NYC homicide detective, Steve DiShiavi. They investigate homes with unexplained strange issues going on. Steve investigates the facts and tries to find a logical reason for the issues. He also gathers facts about the history about property and interviews the people involved.  Amy, separately without knowing anything about the house, the family, or the issues walks through the house and gives a report about what she senses and sees. She even does a police sketch of the main spirit involved.  They never speak during an investigation until the end where they both reveal their findings to the family.  I love this show because I am a skeptical psychic and I always want to find proof that what I am sensing is true.

 The most important thing that I learned from the show was that there was a lot that I didn't know. First I learned I am  "open" and "sensitive" to spirits, as is my daughter, that we can attract spirits to come into our home. They know that we can sense them and they will be drawn to us. I also learned that their is a lot of scary stuff out in the spiritual world. I had only communicated with friendly spirits, I had no idea. This freaked me out and I decided to do a massive house clearing of my home and property.

When the kids were at school on Thursday I cleared and cleansed our whole house. I  spent 30 minutes in Alice's room. I burned sage, from a sea shell, spread the smoke with a feather; symbolizing earth, air, water, and fire, signifying the 4 elements. I set my boundaries. I ordered any spirits, entities, earth bound spirits, or any bad energy, or trapped emotions to be freed and leave my house. I prayed and asked Jesus to bathe the rooms in his white light and remove all evil. In Alice's room I have a Himalayan salt lamp gong all day and night to cleanse the energy. I put a large rose quartz crystal by her door asking that only good and love can enter. I burned sage in every corner, under her bed, in her closet, and in her drawers, I smudged every inch of her room with the sage then put salt on her windowsills and the threshold so nothing could come in. I cleared every room including the basement, every closet, cabinet, drawer, and under and behind everything. I put salt on every windowsill, fireplace, thresh hold, and even outside the house.

The whole house felt so different! The energy felt light and happy. I swear the house even looked different from the street. Alice came home from school, went up to her room, came down and said. "Still scary!"

I went up to her room and she was right. The energy in her room felt thick, heavy.. and simply dark. Now that the other rooms
felt so light and happy I really felt the contrast. I got my pendulum and asked what was in there. The result of my questioning was "a dark object". An energetic dark object that was perhaps left unintentionally in the room by my psychic very powerful  half brother. He is my biological half brother and  he lived in that room for 6-months until a week before Alice was born.  He and I had a very intense toxic relationship. At that time in his life he was having a hard time and as much as I wanted to help him, I made everything worse. The pendulum verified that he left a dark object that I can't remove. The object has bad energy and has to be removed by an ordained church leader, like a Priest, Reverend, Rabbi, or Pastor. I also asked if Lisa's friend Dave the Exorcist could remove the object, and it was verified that he could.

Then I said to myself that Dave the Exorcist sounds expensive I don't want to pay. I'll have my Pastor Mike Laird come get it out. In the morning I got a text from a friend on Friday at 6:31am that said "Pay
I saw the message when I logged in at 8:48am messaged back: "Pay what"?
She replied "No idea"
"Maybe" "I didn't send that note."

Needless to say I decided to pay for Dave Farkas, The man Lisa calls, Dave Exorcist. I also talked to my Pastor's wife, who is an ordained Pastor. The Universe let me know that Mike, our Pastor, is a wonderful man of God, but he is a tender hearted man of love and compassion. On the other hand his wife who is also lovely is the spiritual warrior and bad ass. I'll write about that tomorrow.

To Be Continued.


Monday, February 8, 2016

Please Forgive....

Yesterday I invited any readers to help me practice identifying spirits, allowing me to contact passed loved ones. I am guessing that in making this invitation I also invited your past loved ones to come send messages to you.

First let me start by telling you about the dream I had last night. I was so enraged at someone, I never found out who, that I was driving to meet them. To confront them about what they did to me. I had a gun in my purse on the passengers seat. My husband had an unregistered gun (this is all a dream-no rouge fire arms in my house). I took the gun, a silver metal modern gun heavy as heck and I put it in my purse. I was taking it to confront them to prove how angry and how seriously I took their wrong doing. They called me on my cellphone as I was driving. I started screaming at them, threatening them that they would have to listen to me because I had a gun. I was so enraged I had no idea what I was saying. I lost all self control.

A few minutes later the police pulled me over and searched the car, I was handcuffed and they made me lay down face down on the side of the highway. They took me home and searched my house they removed all of the knives and told me that I was going to jail for making threats against people with a gun, for transporting a gun with out a license and for having possession of an unregistered firearm. I was standing outside of my house handcuffed as the police woman explained to my husband and kids that I was going to jail for at least 18 months. I was looking at my family, my young baby, and I realized that I ruined my life. My reputation, my kid's would have to live with what I did. I would never get a job after I got out. I'd have to drop out of school. In a blink of an eye my life was gone! I let my rage take over and I made a horrible mistake and I couldn't take it back. I was sobbing so hard that I think I woke myself up. 

When I woke up I was like George Bailey from It's a Wonderful Life! I had my life back, it was only a dream! I quickly realized that this dream was one of my psychic dreams. This dream was a warning. Not for me.

I thought about the dream all morning. Then after church I came home and my left temple was throbbing. To me this signifies that a male spirit wants to come through. This spirit was almost in a panic. The moment I acknowledged him he had my whole body vibrating and feeling numb. From head to toe.  Then I started to feel freezing. Then he started talking to me so quickly that I had to literally run and get a pad of paper and tell him to slow down!

My heart was filled with his strong love and compassion. He was a loving, kind, gentle person. I could see a young guy late teen early twenties with brown eyes and brown hair. Kind smiling eyes. I grabbed a pen and told him to start again and this is what I got.

This is his message:

 I was speeding. I wasn't paying attention. I am so sorry. You  always warned me to stop speeding. I just wasn't paying attention.  Don't blame her. Won't bring me back. My time. Couldn't have stopped it. Could not have stopped it. Nothing could have saved me. My time.

She has to live with this for the rest of her life. Why ruin two lives? What about forgiving? Helping? Loving? This what you taught me. Love her. I do. Stop wasting time being angry for me. I'm fine. I am loved up here. Ruining her life won't give my life back. Your anger is hurting you.

Then he let me know that I felt his family member's anger in my dream. The rage I felt was so strong. I know that I would have pointed that gun at someone and pulled the trigger. I had lost myself in the pain and rage and I blamed them.

I feel that his relative may want to literally or figuratively take this person's life. I am guessing that this was a car accident. He died, not in pain, his body just went numb and he simply fell asleep. His heart was so filled with love for you. I felt his energy. He was such a kind loving caring person losing him must have been horrible. His message is clear. He needs you to heal and be at peace. He knows that you feel him with you. You know when you feel freezing out of the blue? You are sitting nice and warm then it gets freezing and then goes back to normal? That's him. I can also see a room with dark walls or wood paneling with family pictures. He is standing next to you. You are angry because she has to pay. He is trying to put love in your heart. He is trying to heal you. You are in such pain that you  don't know what to do or how to even process that his death. You still can't believe that he's gone. Instead of processing your feelings you are focused on making the other driver pay.

He says clearly that they are equally at fault. The other driver will not be charged or found guilty. Then he's afraid that you may ruin your life by doing something to her. Something you can never undo. He is begging you for your own sake to please allow yourself to be sad and start to heal. He will be there. He will hold you while you cry. He will never leave your side.

I asked him how you will know that's it's him. He said. "blue birds" I saw a second floor bedroom window with a light wooden window with blue birds flying around outside. Not sure if that means actual blue birds are following you around, you see them were ever you go. Or their is a specific blue bird item in your home that he is referring to. He says -you know.

OK message delivered. Now whose message is this?

't want it.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

I got a Feeling...

I am evolving I think, the more I use my abilities the more abilities I have. I just realized last week that I can call spirits and feel how they died. I can feel the sensations of what they felt in their body in my body. I felt a heart attack, stroke, sepsis, cancer, car accident and even freezing to death so far.

I call the spirit's first name and I move my body's energy to the side and let my body fill with their energy. I can feel their emotions for their loved one flowing in my heart. Then I ask them how they did and I feel the sensations in my body where they felt them.

As an example I'll share Mario. My friend's dad. She, his daughter and her mom.his wife where physically with me in the room.  I felt my heart ready to explode with love. My heart was huge like a balloon so filled with a passionate love. My whole body vibrated with this love! I could feel him. I knew he had a large personality. He had a huge strong love for his family. He was so happy to be with them he couldn't sit still like he felt so good that he wanted to dance around the room.

When I asked him how he died my chest felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. I could barley breath. My first thought was-could he be a circus performer and an elephant literally sat on him. I couldn't talk to tell the family about my experience. I was coughing and my chest hurt so bad, I couldn't catch my breath. finally I melted his energy away.

I told them about my experience. My friend told me that her dad had a heart attack. This was my first experience with a heart attack. Now next time I'll know what this crushing feeling means.

My friend asked why he died?

He answered that he really thought that his illness wasn't that bad. He thought he was strong enough to fight it on his own. He also didn't want her or his wife to know how serious the doctor thought it was, He didn't want them to worry. Plus he thought he'd be fine.

She said. Why didn't you take the pills the doctor gave you?

He answered that he was so young and he felt strong and invincible. He wanted to fight this his own way. He never thought he would die. He was so shocked when the heart attack happened he couldn't believe it! He really thought he was going to be OK. Even after he died he was like. "I can't believe I died" I was so young and healthy. My family needs me"

His daughter said. "He was too damn stubborn!" Then she walked into the kitchen.

He told me that she was so mad at him when he died. She is still mad all of these years later, that I left her, her brother, and her mother, but especially her. We had a special bond. She was my angel. My beautiful little princess. I wanted her to see me like Superman, I was her hero, her protector. I couldn't let her know I was sick. She couldn't see me weak. I had to be strong and I thought that I would survive.

Then he told me that his wife was his only love. That he loves her the same as when he was on earth and he will wait for her until they are reunited in heaven, that he has never left her side. She knows that.

My friend's mom verified  that she dreams about him all of the time. She started after he died and she still dreams about him 20 years later. She said he died when he was 34 years old. So young and strong. He looked and acted strong & healthy he pretended to be fine. He hid his heart issues from her. She verified that my friend was and is still so mad at him for leaving her. That they were so close. My friend was his little girl, his princess, his whole world. When he left her my friend's world was shattered.

She verified that he had a massive heart attack while walking in the street. Which verified what he said that he had no idea that he was going to die that day. Some people have a knowing about their death. Mario was just walking down the street living his life and the next thing he knew God brought him home. I felt like he didn't realize what had happened to him until he left his body. He could see his body on the street and was like. "What? I died!"

Then his grand daughter walked over and my heart filled with so much love I gasped out loud. I scared the kid half to death. She wanted to ask a question. He said. "My little angel's angel! Look at her she looks just like her mom at her age. My baby's baby. Look at her! She is so smart like her mama. I am so proud of her and her sister. My daughter is such a good mother! Just look at her babies..." He went on. He was so in-love with his family. His love follows and protects them. He is gone from the physical world but his love covers them, he protects them and he always will.

I also did other readings with party guests who I didn't know at all. Great practice. If any readers want a reading please message my Lydiadustin facebook page. I am also on the search for new ghosts :) I am willing to drive all around Massachusetts and to RI to talk to ghosts.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Floyd-Norfolk, MA

Went to Norfolk MA to meet my friend and Floyd the ghost who haunts the woods around her property. I first felt Floyd when I took the left on to her street from the main road. I drove to a small cul de sac and felt like I was being watched. Then I felt like the ghost had placed energetic jersey barriers across the road. As I drove through them I heard him yell. "You are trespassing! I did not invite you here!"  The nasty feeling energy followed me to my friend's front porch, I felt a heaviness, as I didn't ground and protect myself. I didn't expect him to attack the second I crossed the property line. I felt heavy in my heart, exhausted, dread, anger, anguish, so much rage...I sensed "This is private property! You have no right to here GET OFF!"

The moment I stepped inside the house I was fine and the feelings started to melt away. My friend's
house was completely safe and protected. He respected her boundary. She explained that her husband is a policeman for the town and has been for decades. The ghost respects her husband, as a policeman he has protected and upheld the laws in Norfolk and the town was very important to the ghost.  He also doesn't bother my friend as a sign of respect to her husband. Me, on the other hand, was fair game, I could feel the ghost staring at me,  was in the woods, standing right at the edge, glaring at me trough the side window. I ignored him and he eventually went away.

I did talk to him before I left. I walked outside and called him over and told him that I wanted to know why he was so mad. "He came from the woods. I couldn't see him him but I felt and icy presence next to me. CRAP....Now I feel the icy presence on my hands as I type. All of a sudden I feel like I am outside in the snow with out gloves. I feel like he is trying to stop my from typing, My hands are feeling like they have arthritis. So hard to type my hands are aching and freezing from the inside out.

Just ran and got my husband Dave to authenticate that my hands are ice cold. He put his hands on the computer and said that his hands felt a little cooler than room temperature but not freezing like mine. I just burned sage and told Floyd to go home. My hands are still cold but I just want to finish and get this blog out....

So here we go. Flyod told me that he is angry because when he died he was promised that that his land would not be developed. He tells me to look around

He says "Who authorized this! Look what they did to my woods! I didn't approve this!"

I tell him that it's not the fault of my friend she didn't steal the land she bought it. Then I heard that he had no blood heirs, to leave the land too, he literally or figuratively had a signed contract or death bed promise that the land would stay forestland. Then after he died the land was sold as a whole to one buyer. That buyer built a home and raised a family and horses. 3 decade's later the owner split up the land and the trees were cleared for houses."Now this" he kind of gestures around with his arms, signifying disgusted. Pointing to my friend's house.

There is a lot more to his story and why he is so angry but it's none of my business. In-fact me writing this is none of my business. I am some nosy busybody who should stay off private property and keep her nose out of personal business. That part came from him. I am just taking dictation.

Anything else floyd? This is your big chance to clear the air? He's gone. Oh he's back. I think he may be trying to mess with the computer, but he has no idea what it is or how it works. Again with the hands. SO cold! Now I feel like I am going to puke. I have to go and end my business with him. I am kind of nervous what he will do when I post this. But, he will have no idea that other poeople can see it. He thinks it's some kind of magical typewriter.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sweet Little Spirit Stowaway

The Torn Hat, 1820, by Sullivan
Yesterday morning I woke up form a horrible night's sleep and the baby was fussing like crazy! He's such a good baby but he has been cranky and miserable. I assume that he's teething. I am driving Alice to school she sits in the back seat with Logan and her dog. I feel a presence in the front side passenger seat.  Then it hits me! I drop off Alice pull over in the school parking lot pull out my pendulum and ask the passenger side seat in questioning tone. "Robert? Are you here in my car"?

And voila I have adopted a new spirit! I confirmed that the little spirit boy followed me home and is now in my car. I can picture him sitting there short blond hair, linen short sleeve shirt and shorts with ankle socks and brown lace up shoes. He feel excited like he may never have been in a car before.
He confirms that he was in my room last night and he really wanted to climb into my bed to snuggle with me but he was afraid, Then when I feel asleep he tried but I got angry with him. I was freezing cold and his energy kind of vibrates. It's super cold.

I went back home as I was expecting company in  about 30 minutes.  My sister Maggie and her friend were coming over for energy healings.  I went along with my routine I started feeding the baby. While I talked to Robert. When I sat at the kitchen table, standing up he came up to my chest. I was asking him why he was in my kitchen and not in the light. He said that his earthly mother didn't love him so he didn't want to go to the light. I told him that I was sure that he was wrong about that. He blamed her for his death. He felt like if she gave him enough attention that he wouldn't have died. I told him that I am pretty sure that he would have died anyways that she couldn't have stopped it. I also felt like she had other kids to attend too.

Then I remembered my quick thought yesterday about loving this little spirit and wanting to take him home, Just that thought must have loosened by boundary enough for him to attach to me. When I got up to get a paper towel my son Logan started fussing again. I turned quickly and said sternly. "Robert.  Are you making Logan cry? " He was. I asked why and he told me that he was jealous that I love the baby more than I love him. I started feeding Logan with his baby spoon then I took the empty spoon and fed it to the middle of the freezing spot to my right. He kept moving though. All I could think of was that my company would walk in as I cam feeding any baby talking to a pretend child in my kitchen while my real baby looked on.

Wood kitchen stove 1825 made in Providence RI
After breakfast I asked Robert some questions. I got that he was born in 1831 and died in 1833. He didn't know how he just couldn't breath. I could feel that in my chest. He was not born in the house at I met him in. I realized that he was simply a typical toddler he wants attention, love, and to get his own way. He's a typical toddler who has been dead for 183-years. Since he is a spirit and doesn't have a body time really isn't measurable. He may feel like he just died a little while ago. From his energy and his actions I feel like he has spent the last 186  year looking for a new mother.

Sadly one thing a two year old can't do is answer questions. I found that my pendulum has a motion (a circle) for I don't know. Robert knows his name, his birth and death year, and that his body was in the Union Street graveyard, that he wasn't born in the house I met him in, but he was there when my client moved in, he loved the woman who had owned the house since 1947 like a mother and he missed her. He also confirmed that his earthly mother cooked in a stove that she put wood or coal in and that his brothers and sisters had slates that they took to school at the little school house. He didn't know what I meant when I asked if his mother turned on lights with a "switch, and he said they had no telephone.

I called the realtor who sold my client the house. He was the nephew of the previous owner. That call was  lot less awkward then I thought. The house had previous owners before his aunt's family bought it in 1947. I found that the house was built in 1890. Which makes it too old to have been the place where this boy was born. I honestly think that he has either been "adopting" moms and following them home. Or his original home was on summer St. I found an old map of Franklin from 1858 and Summer St. is on the map. I just don't know.

What I do know is that I can't take care of a family of 5, a dog, a rabbit, 2 turtles, and a ghost toddler. He really needs a lot of attention. He needs constant attention. I feel like he was waited so long for a "mom" to see him. Sadly this mom has enough going on. Then I thought of my company that should be arriving any minute. My sister is more psychic than me, she has been diagnosed with Bi-polar, their is a link there, but I don't have time to go into that. My sister lives alone and has no children.

Yes, I went there. When my sister and her friend got there I told her about my Ghost toddler and asked her if she would like to take him home with her. We asked Robert and he loved the idea of being the only child living with a psychic mother who could give him lots of attention. My sister comes to visit me every Tuesday. I promised that if Robert didn't like living with my sister he could come back to my house next Tuesday.

This is my real life. I sent my mentally ill SISTER home to Cape Cod with a ghost son. Oh yes I did.

I still want to figure out who he was. His birth and death year have been consistent. He said that he could lead me to his grave. I tried that this afternoon. The grave yard is so mixed up. All of the graves are mixed together 1900's, 1800's, and 1700's all mixed together. Like finding a needle in a hay stack. Also the rainy day made it hard to see the old stones. I need a bright sunny day. I also went to the library to see if I could look up the vital statistics, but I'm going to have to go back when I have a lot of time and no baby. I am going to check at the historical society. I feel like he needs to know who he was before he can agree to go to the light. I'll let you know on Tuesday.

Or I may focus on Floyd, the ghost I am going to meet tomorrow in Norfolk.

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